TLG/TPG Laminates and Prepregs for High-Speed Digital and RF Multilayer



  • Bromine-free
  • Enables manufacture of 20+ layer PWBs at FR-4 temperatures & pressures
  • Foil laminations for controlled thickness RF Multilayers
  • Alternative to thermoplastic films in military multilayer printed circuit boards
  • Homogeneous laminates for high-speed data transmission


  • High-Speed Digital
  • RF Multilayer
  • Military

Introducing TLG laminates/TPG prepregs for Multilayer

The multilayer package TLG laminates/TPG prepregs was designed to reduce electrical loss and to improve ease of fabrication. TLG/TPG are based on BT/epoxy/woven fiberglass/PTFE components.

TLG/TPG offer the following benefits to high speed designs due to the reduced dielectric constant:

  • Faster signal propagation speed/reduced propagation delay
  • Thinner cores reduce overall multilayer thickness
  • Wider traces/thinner spacings between edge coupled pairs reduce crosstalk
  • Attenuation is proportional to the square root of dielectric constant * frequency * dissipation factor

TLG/TPG offer the following additional features:

  • Reduced loss at higher frequencies resulting in lower rise-time degradation
  • More uniform construction resulting in less dielectric variation within the prepreg and laminate
  • Reduced z-axis expansion (less temperature dependent dielectric constant variation)
  • Improved prepreg flow for buried and blind via applications where through holes are not desired
  • Impedance variation along a 24" microstrip of +/- 0.5 ohms

TLG/TPG have the following benefits standard to the TacPreg/TacLam family of products:

  • Good copper adhesion on flat reverse treated foils
  • The ability to laminate at conventional FR-4 temperatures enabling Taconic to offer these products with FR-4 like economies of scale
  • TLG/TPG are dimensionally stable due to the woven glass design and show predictable movement when laminated at FR-4 conditions