• Thicknesses available ≥ 0.002" (0.05 mm)
  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Peel Strength
  • Exceptionally Low Loss
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Consistent Dimensional Stability
  • Very High Thermal Reliability

  • Multilayer
  • Power Amplifier, TMA, TMB
  • Filter, Coupler, Splitter, Combiner, Mixer
  • Antenna
  • Passive Components
  • High Speed Digital Backpanels

    Introducing RF-35P
    RF-35P is the best choice for low cost, high volume commercial microwave and radio frequency applications. RF-35P has excellent peel strength for 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce copper (even in comparison to standard epoxy materials), a critical aspect whenever rework is required. RF-35P’s Tg is over 600ºF (315ºC). RF-35P’s ultra low moisture absorption rate and low dissipation factor minimize phase shift with frequency. RF-35P is dimensionally stable due to the use of woven fabrics in its design. RF-35P yields exceptional electrical, mechanical and thermal performance for high density, multi layer microwave and high speed digital circuits. RF-35P is constructed with all fine weave glass, yielding exceptional machining quality. RF-35P laminates are generally ordered clad on one or both sides with 1/2, and 1 oz. electrodeposited copper. RF-35P laminates exhibit flammability of V-0, and are tested in accordance with IPC-TM-650. A certificate of compliance containing lot specific test data accompanies each shipment. Please continue for a complete product listing.

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