• Low Cost
  • Excellent Peel Strength
  • Exceptionally Low Dissipation Factor
  • Excellent Intermodulation Performance
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Enhanced Surface Smoothness

  • Antennas

    Introducing RF-30
    RF-30 is an organic-ceramic laminate in the ORCER family of Taconic products. It combines the benefits of woven glass reinforced fluoropolymer chemistry with the thermal, mechanical and electrical enhancements of ceramic elements. RF-30 is the best value for the low cost, high performance demands of microwave and radio frequency antenna applications.

    The low dissipation factor, thermal stability and smooth surface profile minimize phase shift with frequency and temperature, and yield exceptionally low intermodula-tion performance. RF-30 is ideally suited for long (up to 102”) printed circuit base station antennas.

    RF-30 has excellent peel strength for high temperature assembly and power handling requirements. RF-30 is dimensionally stable due to the use of woven fabrics in its design. RF-30 laminates are generally ordered clad on both sides with 1 oz. electrodeposited copper.

    RF-30 laminates exhibit UL-94 flammability of V-0, and are tested in accordance with IPC-TM 650. A certificate of compliance containing lot-specific test data accompanies each shipment.

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