• Low Cost
  • Lowest Moisture Absorption
  • High Copper Peel Strength
  • UL 94 V-O Approval
  • Superior PIM performance

    Long Laminates for long antennas
    Taconic has the ability to offer laminate sheet lengths of 116" (2944 mm) in addition to Taconic's standard long laminate formates:

  • 60" (1526 mm) x 36" (914 mm)
  • 76" (1930 mm) x 36" (914 mm)
  • 102" (2590 mm) x 36" (914 mm)

    Taconic's long laminates are offered with the same lot-to-lot consistency and short lead time which customers have come to rely on in standard sheet lengths.

    Typical Taconic PTFE/woven fibreglass base materials for long laminates are:

    The Dielectric Constant of 3.0 coupled with an extremely low dielectric loss at GSM/UMTS frequencies makes RF-30 the ideal substrate for base station antennas. Superior PIM (passive intermodulation) performance is provided through CV1 copper foil.

    This lowest cost PTFE/woven fibreglass long laminate is increasingly manufactured using rolled annealed copper foil (RA copper) and also CV1 electro-deposited copper foil for superior PIM (passive intermodulation) performance in base station antennas.

    The construction of Taconic's TLC-30 and TLC-32 long laminates provides superior electrical performance in comparison with thermoset laminates such as FR-4 and cyanate ester, exceptional mechanical and dimensional stability, and low cost. This makes TLC excellent for use in PCS/PCN large format antennas.

    Typically used in radar systems, phased array antennas, and microwave transmission devices, TLX-8 and TLX-9 long laminates offer excellent mechanical and thermal properties, tightly controlled, stable dielectric constants, with virtually no moisture absorption.

    These low loss, high peel strength laminates offer a woven matrix which produces higher mechanical stability and a more uniform dielectric constant (DK) than traditional non-woven products. Combined with their exceptional low dissipation factor, TLY-5 is suitable for mobile communication systems, phased array antennas, and automotive / military radar.

    The world's leading long antenna manufacturers are successfully using Taconic's long laminates range! Superior PIM (passive intermodulation) performance is achieved through CV1 or RA1 copper cladding on ALL grades.

    Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information about the availability of long laminates.

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