TacLamPLUS RF & Microwave Laminate



  • Laser-ablatable
  • Sequential Multilayer
  • Very Low Loss
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • High Peel Strength
  • Uniform & Consistent DK

  • Automotive Radar
  • mm-wave Radios
  • Power Amplifier

    Introducing TacLamPLUS
    Taclamplus is a cost-effective, non-reinforced microwave substrate that can be used to create very low-loss struc-tures both with single dielectric layers and multiple layers. 

    Exceptional copper-foil adhesion allows small-feature resolution and the unique composition of the dielectric facilitates clean laser ablation for micro-via and component-cavity formation. 

    The use of metal-plate such as 1 mm copper helps maintain dimensional stability and provides a sound ground plane and heat-sink.
  • http://www.taconic-add.com/pdf/taclamplus.pdf